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PalArt design and development for small businesses in the lewisburg area, palarts logo

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Palarts is Josh Powell's presence on the web. I am an experienced provider of computer generated art. From print design for newspapers & magazines to 3D animation & video production and everything in between. Browse my website and see my portfolio of work from the past couple years along with a list of services that I can provide. There is a lot to see on this site, so feel free to look around. Come back regularly and see what’s new. I'm sure you'll find something interesting to you personally, and I highly recommend the video “Meadowlands”. I have years of experience in Web design & Site Development as well. The thing that interests me most lately is the relationship between a MySQL database and php to display information. What’s that? You might ask…PHP and SQL make updating website content child’s play once the system is in place.

My passion is finding a way to make art a medium that produces a steady income for me. I look back at many generations of artists throughout the world and think about how most of them were dead before they became famous! We have all heard the phrase "the starving artist"; computer generated art is the wave of the future and this is my way of using this "Artistic Ability" to better the world and create revenue for you and me both!.

This site isn't complete; I will be updating content regularly and switching portfolio pieces as I create new and more exciting designs. I think in this line of business, it feels as though nothing is ever finished-it could always be better. I think that’s the artist in me speaking, but eventually you have to stop and move on to the next thing. If not, you will leave most of your work unfinished forever as so many artists have before me. Same idea with this site, it’s up and running… but there is no compensation for working on your own stuff.

Thank you for visiting. Feel free to contact me for work, questions, critiques, or just to say hello. Hope to hear from you soon. Have a good day, and thanks for choosing Palarts

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