Bathroom Remodeling

Above Expectation, Under Budget

Kitchen Remodeling

Your Wildest Dream Come True

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Home is not a place…it’s a feeling.

Kitchen Remodel

Create a family gathering space for the cook in the family

Bathroom Remodel

Old outdated bathrooms will finally be revitalized

Basement Remodel

Wet or musty basements reimagined

Home Addition

Add more space or functional elements to your home

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Re-creating spaces to fit YOUR family and lifestyle

The magic thing about home is that it feels good to leave, and it feels even better to come back to.

Something about remodeling in general that encompasses all aspects


Sometimes... you just need someone who can read your mind and give you exactly what you need.

Artists, Not just some dudes that swing hammers

We didn’t just grow into this, we were meant for this. PalArts remodeling is a group of guys that just want to remodel homes to create better places for families to grow and flourish. We flip homes for twice what they were worth. We do kitchen remodeling for homework time and holiday family dinners. We do bathroom remodeling for moms soaking bliss and kids snorkel practice. We do basements for the man room or the kids jungle gym. We do home additions for porches/decks/rooms/bathrooms/kitchens/whatever you need…. We remodel homes to fit families. We can see through your current home into what it could be and we’ll make it everything it can be. Anything you saw on pinterest, we’ve probably already done.

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PalArts Remodeling - Remodeling for life

Creating The Dream Home For Families For Over 20 Years

Build Design

Seeing through the old into the possibilities

Basement Remodel

Complete or renovate the extra space you have

Kitchen Remodel

Create a kitchen that works for you

Build Addition

Create a new space or get the essentials out of your house

Bathroom Remodel

Making the place you sit a little bit nicer

Maintence Is Normal

No matter your issue, we’ve got you covered


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Homes Completed

Happy Customers

Community Involved

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Get everything you ever wanted out of your house

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