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Sometimes Its Hard To See Your Finished Product


We Have An Eye Beyond Walls. We Can See Into Their Future

Many times the hardest thing for us homeowners to do is to look at their current home, know what they “want to do” and be able to understand all the intricate parts and details that can actually bring it to fruition. Thats what we thrive on! The “ART” part. Remodeling is an art, and we like to think about it that way.

We’ve taken out walls, done new construction from the ground up and even taken down most of a few houses to just rebuild them. But any construction company or contractor could do that… right? We will help you see your future house and get all the details just right. HGTV ain’t got nothing on us. Our goal is not only to get the work done for you, but to go beyond your expectations and remodel your home to surpass your wildest dreams. Then you will want to call us for more home projects or refer us to your friends, family & neighbors.

We are honest, loyal, and perfectionists in the trade! That’s what this remodeling business is all about… When you rely on PalArts for your work, as with all our customers, we’re confident you’ll be our next reference.

Design & Build New Construction

New construction is all about attention to the details. We are the detail oriented construction and remodeling crew. We appreciate a job well done and the work that goes into it. Penn State Arts, Architecture and Engineering  helps a lot with that. Not only will we get the job done, but it will be done right from beginning to end.

Real Purpose Spaces

We understand that 2 flights of stairs for a small load of laundry, or super cramped bedrooms with a big open basement is not always ideal. The list goes on… These are, though, the problems people in Lewisburg face everyday and what we as a company want to help fix. We create REAL purpose spaces. If your kids need more room, YOU need more room, your stuff needs more room, we can find it, realize it and create it. You tell us what you need, we will figure out how.

Less Downtime, More Family Time

Everyone’s biggest worry is the time it takes to get the job done. We’ve been in and out of a kitchen or bathroom in less than a weekend. We believe family time is very important and will do everything we can to expedite you remodeling job, but still have an infinite attention to detail which every homeowner appreciates. Even us.

Custom To Fit YOUR Needs

Everything we do is custom to fit you and the people you care about. It’s your house, it only seems fitting for it to be custom created around you. Your remodel project starts with a call and a meeting, moves to an idea and making some words turn into action, then ends up fulfilling YOUR needs and fantasies. We don’t do remodeling for us, we do this everyday, we do this for YOU and what would work best for you and your family. Each remodeling job is custom. A garage, A shed, A bathroom, A kitchen, A Living space, they’re all custom to be what is right for you and your budget.

An Eye For All The Details

This comes back to the “art” part. If something doesn’t look good, we will tell you. We have an eye for it… Something doesn’t fit or work, we will tell you. We have preemptive spacial awareness and tape measures… Everything looks fantastic and came together perfectly, we will tell you. Everyone loves a job well done.

References Speak For Themselves

This one is pretty cut and dry honestly, We’ve been doing this for soooo long that references literally speak for themselves. Tell us what you want to do, we can give you names of many people you can talk to for which we’ve already done what your interested. You are welcome to talk to them. We understand how important references are. You are important, and you will be the reference our next customer calls… Everyone ends up happy with our remodeling work and we end up friends in the end. Thats what good ole’ reliability, expertise, personability & appreciation do when people genuinely care about their work.
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Our Vision

Recreate your current space efficiently, comfortably and realistically for you and your family. We’re not here to talk you into anything, just to show you the best way to do it your way.

Our Mission

Be Clean, Courteous, Timely and Efficient. Your house is not a home under construction. We need to be in/out with complete control and as little family downtime as possible. If it were our homes, it couldn’t possibly go any faster.

Our Values

We provide the HIGHEST quality workmanship. That’s always number 1. We develop a friendship so we can be there time and time again. We develop a relationship so you never have to worry about a thing going forward


Generations of Hard Working Perfectionists

This is a story section for sure… Subcontract for Garveys Carpet, Timeless Interiors, Ritz-Craft, Network Billboards, Decorating Center, Kenco Flooring & Remodeling, and many more

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